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MAGIC...a performance or activity believed to influence human or natural events through external mystical forces which are beyond the ordinary human sphere. Something Graphic is a web & multimedia studio specializing in making magic through interactive CD-ROMs & Web Sites.

deep wellI want to try something amazing.... something impossible... something magical.

I want to purchase a deep well through World Vision. It costs $18,000 and I, like most people, don't have a spare $18,000 sitting around. But I have a dollar. And I bet you have a dollar. And I bet you know a lot of people that would give you a dollar if you asked.

So I'm asking. Could you spare a dollar? I've set this up through PayPal, so it is safe and secure. I will let everyone know how we are doing. Maybe I will only get a dollar. Maybe 100 and maybe, just maybe, $18,000.

I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about this...it is something I feel called to do. I think that God is trying to tell me--and all of you reading this, that small things make a big difference. I'd like to see what kind of difference we could make.

Now I'm not a charity, I'm just a suburban mom, currently out of work, who has had this dream for the last several nights. I will be honest with you, you have no idea who I am and I COULD take the money and run. But I won't--you, like me, must rely on faith.

I am very excited to see what is going to happen. I think it may be amazing.

Please donate a dollar--maybe two. And then tell a friend or two. I don't want IBM or Microsoft or some really rich person to contribute hundreds of dollars (although I'm sure World Vision would LOVE to hear from them).

I want to see if we can find 18,000 people who are willing to give $1.00. Okay, we could find 9,000 people to donate $2.00--but I think you get the idea.

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Currently, Something Graphic is looking to expand its portfolio outside the technology and pharmaceutical industry. If you are "Something Different", or a Nonprofit organization near to our hearts, special discounts are currently available. For pricing, contact us at magic@SomethingGraphic.com